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If you want to sell your home, get the valuation right

How much is my house worth?” is going to be the first question for anyone selling their property and it’s the beginning of the selling process. Therefore it’s critical to get the correct answer from your estate agent.

Why getting the right valuation is so important

When sellers hear the value of their home it’s easy to get caught up in the figures and lose sight of the best way to achieve the end goal – getting a sale.

Set the value too high and you won’t attract buyers; too low and people will wonder what’s wrong. Getting the value wrong can also make the difference between a timely sale and a house that sits on the market for too long, costing you money.

Not selling your home can lead to stress and impacts on other aspects of your life dependent on the move, such as your family or career.

What happens when your home gets valued?

A valuation involves contacting several estate agents who will then visit your home to take a detailed look at the property. To get an accurate valuation there are a number of factors they must consider:

  • Size of the property
  • It's condition
  • Any improvements made
  • The potential for further improvement
  • The property’s location
  • Current market trends

Different agents may come up with varying valuations and you need to choose the agent you trust to get the valuation right.

Location matters

Another key asset a good estate agent brings is their knowledge of the area in which your property is situated. Property valuations aren’t just based on the house, but also its location, depending on what potential buyers want. Proximity to schools, shops, a social scene, greenery, it’s important to know your area and what people are prepared to pay for.

Why you need a good estate agent

With their awareness of what to consider when your home is valued, it becomes clear why working with an expert is important.

This is particularly the case for luxury property valuations as there will be fewer buyers looking in the market for these properties. It’s essential that you understand these buyers and what impacts on their priorities in order to get the right value for your property.

Aston Chase estate agency

Aston Chase is the independent estate agent of choice in the London property market, particularly for central and northwest London. We have a well-established track record as one of the foremost residential agencies specialising at the top end of the residential market in these areas where our expertise and knowledge enables us to provide first-class service and support to sellers.

Our dedicated team of highly experienced property professionals works closely with clients to understand their needs, in order to provide a highly personal and efficient service.

Whether you are buying, selling, letting or investing in properties in these areas, contact Aston Chase today on 020 7724 4724 and we will help you achieve your property objectives.


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