Aston Chase is going around in circles!

Just a week left before we take part in the annual Boris Bike Property cycle race and the team is getting ready to cycle the four laps around Regent’s Park (approx. 12 miles) on an original Boris Bike; the things we do for a good cause!

The Boris Bike Property cycle is a fundraiser for Myeloma UK; the only organisation in the UK dealing exclusively with myeloma. So Aston Chase is proud to present a team of 4 to compete against other property groups in an effort to raise awareness as well as funds for myeloma.

But for our own Howard Kayman, his cycling goes beyond the Property Cycle:-

“With days getting longer and the weather getting milder, I’ll get to my next appointment on a Lime-E rental bike whenever I can! It is no secret that there are major benefits to regular exercise for both mental and physical health, especially when sat in the office for most of the day! Not to mention that the Lime-E is partly powered by an electric motor and does not need to be returned to a dock, so there is also a significant environmental and practical aspect to using the scheme.”

We’ve all remarked the growing number of bike lanes as part of Mayor Khan’s major Action Plan to get more Londoners cycling in London and according to Cycling UK, the number of daily bicycle journeys in London has increased by 170% since the 1990s, from 270,000 daily journeys in 1993 to 730,000 in 2016.

Additionally, there are clearly some financial benefits at play: the Cycle to Work Scheme generates at least £72m in economic benefits for the UK economy in terms of health a year and research shows that if cycle use increases to 10% by 2025 and 25% by 2050, the cumulative benefits would be worth £248bn between 2015 and 2050 yielding annual benefits in 2050 worth £42bn in today’s money.

So with health, financial and practical benefits combined, we can’t help but wonder: is this new trend here to stay? How likely is it that more Londoners will introduce cycling into their daily commute?

We’ll leave these unanswered for now, so in the meantime if you’d like to contribute to this amazing charity you can do so by donating on the page below:

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